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The Pole Passion Pole Fitness & Dance Syllabus is part of an ongoing project to document some of the more popular and longstanding moves in the industry. 


Pole moves core syllabus


Contains 200 key moves at Levels 1-5, covering poses, transitions, spins, inverts, combinations and conditioning.  For each move we have included a written breakdown of how to complete it, and a video. 


The Core Moves Syllabus is available for a one-off payment for full 24/7 access available via your phone, tablet or computer whether at home, in the studio, or anywhere.


Please note that the syllabus is not a teaching aid and that you should seek the advice of a qualified instructor before attempting any of the moves.


Please make sure to use mats and spotters when necessary.

Pole Moves Core Syllabus

£50.00 Regular Price
£45.00Sale Price
  • Refunds cannot be given once course material has been released.

  • This is an online format with video and written breakdown discription of the moves

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