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Most pole fitness instructors mistakenly believe because they have insurance they are insured… Wrong!

Check your insurance policy. Unless it specifically states ‘Pole Fitness Instruction’ then you are NOT insured. And even then, unless you have received accredited pole instructor teacher training to the level you teach at, then again you will NOT be insured.

Pole Passion recently carried out a survey of leading providers of pole fitness instructor insurance and most aren’t actually insuring you to teach and NONE will cover you if you haven’t received recognised accredited training to the level you teach at. In other words if you teach advanced moves or inverts and haven’t been taught by a recognised provider, then you are NOT covered in the event of accident or claim, leaving you fully exposed to personal injury claim.

The excuse ‘I can’t afford to go on training courses’ will not be considered a defense in a Court of Law.

Pole Passion both offer full Accredited Training AND can put you in touch with a Professional Insurance Company who understand the need for correct insurance…

Why do I need Pole Fitness insurance?

As an instructor, whether part or full time, you take on certain responsibilities and one of them is a Duty of Care to that of your students, fellow instructors and that of yourself.


  • Someone in one of your classes may injure themselves and bring a claim for compensation against you.

  • During a class a pupil damages equipment at a venue you are using.

  • A specific action you teach may be brought into question should a client suffer an injury resulting from your advice or instruction.

  • You may suffer injury during a session which means you can’t work (and earn) for a period of time.

  • You may injure yourself during a session and require physio treatment.

  • Your equipment needed to teach may get damaged lost or stolen.


It is an unfortunate fact of life that accidents happen. And in some cases the injured party may wish to pursue a claim for compensation. Although you may not be specifically at fault you could be liable to pay costly legal fees and damages. In fact you may find that some organisations (schools and colleges particularly) insist that you have relevant qualifications, security checks and insurance cover before being allowed to train

Pole Dance Instructor Insurance – Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance

Please call Professional Fitness QUOTING ‘ POLE PASSION ‘ On Tel Number : 0345 4508503 and speak to an advisor – Mention ‘Pole Passion’ for your discounted price.


Please note this is for UK insurance only

  • Pole fitness insurance and public liability insurance for pole dance instructors

  • Personal trainer (PT) insurance for pole fitness Instructors including group exercise insurance

  • Professional indemnity insurance for pole dance instructors


Check your insurance actually covers you to teach ‘Pole Fitness’ specifically. If its not mentioned then it may not cover you! Call NOW on 0345 4508503 and speak to an advisor – For your discounted price and quote: ‘Pole Passion’ before its too late!

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