POLE FITNESS CLASSES - Be aware they are very addictive!

What do I wear:

Comfortable clothes you can move easily in.
Leggings and a top, or shorts if you're feeling brave
Avoid buckles, zips and jewellery

Bare feet or socks when on the mats, trainers or light weight pumps may be
worn for the warm up and cool down sections


Always remove creams and moisturisers from the body and hands before pole as these can make you slip on the poles!! 


Do I need to bring anything:
Bottle of water and a small towel to keep the pole slip free.


What age:
We teach from age 16 with parental consent with no upper age limit.


It is completely natural to be nervous, however students are constantly amazed at the sense of achievement and confidence gained by attending classes, even within their first class!!  People come to pole for all different reasons and remember we all started from being a complete beginner  - we can't wait to get you started and welcome you into our pole family :)


All classes accommodate beginners as we run mixed ability classes
Like everything – it takes practice, our highly trained and experienced instructors will help you. Moves can be modified and adapted to help you work at your own pace, strength and flexibilities - remembering most come to pole with very little upper body strength, flexibility and coordination.


Can I take photos and videos of my moves in class:
Yes, but please be aware we will allocate special photo/video time in the class as not all students wish to be in the background of photos/videos and taking photos sometimes means holding moves for longer so we like to supervise the photo sessions.


Missed Classes:

Let us know with no less than 24 hours notice if you are going to miss a class so we can offer the class to someone waiting to join.

Remember we are only an email away so please don't hesitate to contact us  -


Will there be others like me, the same age and size??
Everyone who attends a pole fitness class will have a different reason for being there and different aims and objectives. Some may want to improve fitness and become bored of the gym (or not even attended a gym!) some may come maybe lose weight, tone up or improve their flexibility. Some may join purely because they want to be sociable and meet new likeminded people. Others may just be looking for some time away from their jobs or families, or some ‘me’ time.



Can I host my own training at my studio / in my area?


Our UK training venue is an huge 10mtr x 10mtr modern studio with all the facilities you would expect of large changing rooms with lockers, showers, steam, sauna, swimming pool and cafe. Next door is a new international Holiday Inn Hotel with Gatwick Airport and M23 with links to M25, M40, M1 motorways just 5 miles away. However travelling to our venue is not always easy or convenient to attend training dates advertised, so we can host our Pole Fitness Instructor Training either privately for you or at your studio, subject to minimum numbers attending.

We supply
Fully Qualified Master Trainers / Instructors
All equipment (at extra cost if required) and student manuals (translated if required)
Option for ongoing support for students

You supply
All advertising and promotion
Suitable venue, accommodation and transport to / from the venue
minimum student numbers

All training is subject to minimum booking numbers.

CALL NOW ON: +44 (0)1293 888200 to talk to one of our training advisors or email theteam or complete our contact form

1-2-1 training:

Our 1-2-1 mentoring programme is designed to support you, whether a complete beginner or just frustrated with your current level of training. Our aim is to help you achieve success by putting our experienced pole instructors at your disposal to help you achieve. This is not a mass produced ‘one size fits all’ approach, but a unique development of you and your business so you can apply skills to help resolve critical business and personal issues confidently. We focus entirely on , management and leadership skills, improving your skills, ‘know-how’ and instructor  plus.


  • Improve your training skills and ‘know-how’

  • Personal development of class structure, management and leadership skills.

  • Increase your self-awareness and confidence.


  • Agree strategy and business development for clear objectives.

  • Defining a plan for support and development of new skills and directions

  • Improve self-confidence

  • Improve problem-solving skills

  • Professional development

We have three routes available to you, depending on the time you have available to commit to change. So if you think you have what it takes to achieve success with our mentoring programme get in touch TODAY!


Option 1 – Online and Skype
Option 2 – Attend group training and workshops in person with ongoing 1-2-1 Skype support
Option 3 – Workshops and training bespoke to you (may be shared with friends) with ongoing 1-2-1 Skype support

To speak to someone about mentoring and how it can help you succeed, please contact us using either of the following methods:

Email: us on our contact form or call: 01293 888200 – Monday to Friday