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Rpole - The world's first, free standing portable pole without a stage 
Designed and innovated by Pole Passion we are proud to offer such affordable and flexibility with the pole equipment we offer
The Rpole offers such unique features
* Comes with a 3-Year Guarantee!
* Travel friendly, on trains, planes and motor vehicles 
* Lightweight, easy to carry in their own carry bags (weighs just 29kg in total)
* No tools required, just slot in and go!
* Safety mat option to give you that added safety

      UK MANUFACTURED with excellent quality assured,  for personal & professional training ANYWHERE! 

The Rpole is perfect for personal training, photo shoots, dance practice, Pilates and Yoga on the pole ANYWHERE! 


This freestanding and light pole takes less than 60 seconds to set up with no tools required!


The RPole is suitable for teaching lessons and an easy option for those who hire venues and do not own a studio.
Rpole offers a purchase option with full size 1800mm (6ft) x 30mm thick, round foldable professional safety mat. 
Safety mats turn your RPole into a pole suitable for teaching.

Email us at -  if you have any questions from instructors who use them, we'd love to answer any questions 


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