Become a Pole Fitness Instructor

Pole fitness instructors come from all walks of life and run pole fitness classes as a means of keeping fit as well as earning a good 1st or 2nd income! Our instructors are real people with real experience, expertise, customer focused and all share a passion to be the best. 


Starting your own class isn’t as daunting as it may seem. Pole Passion will support you every step of the way, we will even help find and set up your studio.


  • Great 1st or 2nd income potential

  • Tone up, lose weight, gain confidence, earn money

  • Suitable for new and existing fitness instructors or hard-working people who share our vision


Tell us why you would make a great Pole Fitness Instructor. Get started today… See our Apprenticeship page or sign up for Instructor Training

or ask about our Pole Passion  License Opportunity


Just follow our 3 easy steps


1. TRY IT OUT attend a class to see if it is something you would like to train in – remembering not all pole fitness and classes are run the same! Pole fitness can come in many disguises


2. GET QUALIFIED by attending or signing up for our online instructor training foundation course  – Learn how to teach professionally and most importantly safely and ways on increasing your income.


3. FIND A VENUE this can be your local gym, sports center, village hall, park, beach or field if you want to become a PT Pole Trainer. Outdoor pole fitness is now possible with the lightweight portable pole dance pole from RPole Sport Fitness (click here for the most suitable pole dance pole that can literally go anywhere)

Our comprehensive training includes;


  • Pre lesson risk assessment documentation and how to effectively structure a class

  • Safe effective warm ups and cool downs in preparation for the lesson to be taught

  • Comprehensive training contains over 200 core moves, transitions, poses, floor moves and images all broken down for you to teach safely & effectively! You can purchase the lesson planning syllabus flash cards here too





  • Your own operation area - 7 mile diameter from your studio.

  • Recognised worldwide brand name

  • Participation at National and International Championships and competitions; Miss Pole Dance UK amateur, semi-professional and professional and World Pole Championships

  • Budapest Pole Camp Teaching opportunities & Networking

  • Continual Professional Development events

  • Certified & Qualified Cover instructors from other areas

  • Listed on the Main Pole Passion Website having your own page and links and opportunities in owning and creating your own site managment on a Pole Passion sister Website

  • Social media support and set up guidelines. IP support

  • Event support, equipment, sponsorship, and personnel

  • Uniform creating a corporate and professional team brand

  • Business cards and templates

  • Leaflets, banners & flyers

  • Email address enabling links to shared spreadsheets and documentation

  • Access to level by level teaching syllabus

  • Startup templates

  • Management & Legal Support

  • Pole equipment purchase discounts and maintenance support, very often for FREE

  • Being part of the Grading system - offering structured lesson content and videos

  • Opportunities to increase students and potential sales with additional license opportunities and opportunity for growth .


Brighton & Leeds
United Kingdom


Email: theteam

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