Student Grading - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I wear a costume when I grade?
No, gradings are steps towards competing, costumes are for Miss Pole Dance UK Competitions which Pole Passion organise once a year. Please visit the website for more details

Q2.What shall I wear if I am grading? 
Fitness clothing, shorts, short skirt or leggings, T shirt, trainers or bare feet. Avoid wearing jewellery,No moisturisers or oils on the skin. No costumes or props allowed

Q3. Who can attend to grade:
ALL POLE PASSION STUDENTS AND INSTRUCTORS (must have attended pole passion classes for a minimum of 10 weeks and be a current student). Everyone is welcome to watch, family, friends and students, including children, as long as they are supervised by an adult at all times. Eating and drinking is not be permitted in the studio (other than students drinking water during the grading)

Q4.Can I do my inverts that I am learning in class, in my level 1 grading routine?
No, as each grading has different set moves, specified for that level (1 being the beginner level and 5 being the more advanced level)
You can not put in moves in your routine above the level you are grading for. if higher moves are added, you will be asked to re submit your routine either on the same day, if time allows, or at the next grading, (there maybe an additional charge in this instance for the next grading date) – Please show your instructor your routine before the grading day to avoid this situation

Q5. I am a student at the moment, but would love to become a grader assessor in the future, how can I become a grader/assessor.
You must be an accomplished student / instructor with Pole Passion and ideally hold a Pole Passion license, an active instructor and / or apprentice for over one year. You must have completed all the levels of Instructor training with Pole Passion. You must have completed the grading assessing course or be working on it – For more information please email and copy

Q6. What if I am unwell on the day of my grading and I have paid in full?
We would never recommend that you train or exercise if you are unwell – We can transfer your assessment free of charge with a doctors certificate – Please give us no less than 24 hours notice to transfer for free.

Q7. What will the assessors be looking for during my grading?
Correct hand positions, correct body alignment, straight body alignments when necessary, fluidity, strength and grace during transitions and movements, precise controlled balanced spins, a flowing routine demonstrating dance and fitness

Each move will be marked out of 5 points – you maybe deducted marks stated above
you will be awarded either a pass or pass plus or deferred to the next grading date.

To avoid being deferred please submit and show your routine to your instructor well before the date of the grading

There is also a Most Entertaining Award – this will be awarded to the most entertaining routine of the day, in the opinion of the grader assessors and the organisers

Q8. Are the gradings set to music?
Yes we encourage you to bring your own music that motivates you as everyone is different. Please submit your music via email (as above) via mp3 or mp4  and bring a backup on the day on your ipod or phone. Each grade will have a set time for the length of your music – please check the length of your music is correct or you may lose marks.

During the registration process you will be asked at what time would you like to start your routine – eg. 5 seconds into the start of the music or when the music starts

Q9.How can I apply?
Once you and your instructor decide you are ready for your grading please contact the office to reserve your place (you will be asked for wither full payment or part deposit payment) and we will issue you with your selected moves for your grading, if not already done so by your instructor and the
pass rates and judging system for Pole Passion Grading’s


theteam@passion-fitness .com

Q10.What are the time limits and pass rates for each Level?

Level 1  (routine 1min – 1.30 minutes) / Level 1a (routine 1.30 - 2 minutes)

Max points 50 (10 moves)
Points to Pass 30 (60%)
Points to Pass Plus 47 (95%)

Level 2  (routine 2mins – 2.30 minutes) / Level 2a (routine 2.30 - 3 minutes)

Max points 55 (11 moves)
Points to pass 33 (60%)
Points to Pass Plus 52 (95%)

Level 3 (routine 3mins – 3.30 minutes) / Level 3a (routine 3.30 - 4 minutes)

Max points 60 (12 moves)
Points to pass 36 (60%)
Points to Pass Plus 57 (95%)

Level 4 (routine 4mins – 4.30 minutes) / Level 4a (routine 4.30 - 5 minutes)

Max points 65 (13 moves)
Points to pass 39 (60%)
Points to Pass Plus 61 (95%)

Level 5 (routine 5mins – 5.30 minutes) / Level 5a (routine 5.30mins – 6 minutes)

Max points 70 (14 moves)
Points to pass 42 (60%)
Points to Pass Plus 66 (95%)

Grading for level Six – You will be invited to grade with our level six assessor.


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