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Ankle Protectors For Pole Dance Fitness with Tacky Strip for gripping the pole safely. Can be used with or without dance heels.  Great for beginners to build strength and confidence while increasing upper body strength. Also for the advanced students as you can practice longer and harder reducing the chance of bruising to the top of the foot and ankle.


Incredible grip on the pole. On average the below measurements follow

These supports are stretchy and are intended to be tight on the legs


We only offer two adult sizes as the small are for children

Medium - Adult shoe size UK 3-5

Large - Adult shoe size UK 5-7


Please note: We stock ankle protectors with different brand names on them however they are all from the same manufacturer with the same excellent quality 


  • Ankle Grip Protectors - ideal for pole fitness with tack strips to help build confidence while protecting your ankles from bruises and injury caused by gripping the dance pole. Perfect for beginners, also adds great support for use during training or performing leaving you to focus on building strength and confidence.

    • Perfect for Pole Dance Workouts
    • Reduce or eliminate bruising to the ankles
    • Great ankle support
    • Makes climbing and transitions safer and easier.
    • Great for beginner through to advanced.

    This is a non refundable item.

    For bulk orders or international orders please contact us for rates and shipping

    Please email us if you have any questions.

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