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Online Grading Certification

Our innovative grading system gives instructors and students the opportunity to demonstrate their ability at the different levels of the comprehensive pole fitness syllabus and receive recognition and certificate awards for their efforts.


Working towards a grading will not only help with your continuing professional development but will really build your confidence around the pole too. If you are not used to linking moves or putting routines together, the grading are a great way to start to develop these skills in a structured way. 

The grading is a unique concept to pole fitness. Developed by Pole Passion Ltd in 2009 with the objective to support students and instructors in their development and first steps towards dancing, performing and competing.


We are proud to announce the Pole Passion Grading system is now open to all students (and instructors alike), incorporating the system through our online learning portal which will enable you to gain a certification of your performance achievements in a structured manner.


How to register


Step 1. Simply purchase the level you wish to complete -  ideally starting at Level 1 (beginner level) and progressing through each level in  sequence. Our online tuition will enable you to work through and/or learn the moves which you need to incorporate into your routine at any given level. the moves that need to be incorporated into your routine grading performance. You may incorporate extra moves into your routine. PLEASE NOTE: Your routine must not contain a move or trick higher than your grading level.


Step 2. Select your music -   You may choose the music you use for your routine and we encourage you to use music which stimulates your creativity and inspires you. Any type or genre of music is allowed, however please note there are a few restrictions on music choice: No profanity / swearing is permitted. If the track you want contains it, you are encouraged to seek out a clean version or edit it yourself. No music with lyrics that are offensive, for example by being racist or sexist, or music with lyrics that contain political or religious messages. 


Step 3. Create your routine - either working with your instructor or creating your own (make sure the length of your routine (music) is the correct time for your grade (see below).

The grading certification is a pole dance fitness certification where students and instructors alike can build confidence in choreographing their own routines without the fear of being judged in a professional fitness environment. For many students and instructors level 1 is their first opportunity to showcase their practised skills of tricks, spins, transitions, poses and floor work combining them into a routine set to music of their choice.


Module 1 - Level 1 must be between 1 - 1.30 minutes  &  Level 1A must be between 1.30 - 2.00 minutes

Module 2 - Level 2 must be between 2 - 2.30 minutes  &  Level 2A must be between 2.30 - 3.00 minutes

Module 3 - Level 3 must be between 3 - 3.30 minutes  &  Level 3A must be between 3.30 - 4.00 minutes

Module 4 - Level 4 must be between 4 - 4.30 minutes  &  Level 4A must be between 4.30 - 5.00 minutes

Module 5 - Level 5 must be between 5 - 5.30 minutes  &  Level 5A must be between 5.30 - 6.00 minutes


Step 4. Submit your routine video - in WMV or Mp4 format via Vimeo, YouTube, Wetransfer or Dropbox link to email

''. You can also post a DVD / USB. Full postal details are given in the online course
Gradings are taken for many different reasons; for some it's a personal achievement, a platform to stand up and perform for the very first time showing off their own choreography, a chance to express themselves through music and dance.

For others it’s the first steps to a career in performing, a build up to the competition they’ve always wanted to enter but never thought they could, a chance to gain confidence, build flow, grace and increase stamina and performance endurance.

A chance to get feedback and detailed encouragement to assist in improving their art every step of the way, eventually moving onto competitions.

Grading performances are certified and students can achieve either a Pass or a Pass+ at each level.
Please note online courses are non refundable.



Question - I have been considering signing up for your online teaching courses. However the idea of taking the exam was making me nervous. Then I spotted your Grading Certificates and thought they might be a good way to build up some confidence before attempting to get qualified to teach. Would you be able to provide some guidance as to which level I should aim for please?


Answer - We do advise that you start the gradings at 

Level 1,1A, 2 & 2A as these are the foundations for your routines 3, 3A / 4, 4A / 5, 5A


There are 5 levels in all, with each level having two modules each, so there is always something for you to work towards

You dont need to be 100 % proficient in each move in each grade, so be kind to yourself if you struggle with the odd move at your chosen level - It doesn't mean you fail the grading !!


Question - I have been pole dancing for a number of years. I can comfortably air invert, hold all forms of leg hangs and I have been training my Iron X in the hope to gain more strength for smoother transitions between moves. With that, what would you advise?


Answer -  as above as the foundation moves really help you to create a beautiful routine with lots of variation and transition moves you would miss out on if you were to start from Level 3 for example


Question - How does the syllabus work? Does it highlight all moves allowed, or does it state xyz 'and moves from syllabus Level 1'? In which case is it better for me to start at Level 1 and go through the ranks?


Answer - Yes the gradings are designed to get harder the higher the grade

You must complete and include the majority of the moves in the list that you are instructed to learn / do

Each move has its own online description and video on how to complete the move safely and effectively.

Question - How long do you get to organise your routine etc before you need to submit your video for grading?

Answer - You may take upto 4 months from signing up and receiving the videos, but email us at if you require longer

Question - Will I receive a certificate once I have sent in my routine and passed ?

Answer - Yes your certificate is included in the price

Question - How many moves do I have to add into each routine


To sign up  - visit this link


to read more about the gradings visit here


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