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So how do burlesque pasties and nipple tassles really stay on, especially during mid spin?!!  -

We at Pole Passion have tried and tested all types of tape and this tape is the best.

3 metre length - 1cm width tape

                 is ideal for nipple tassels & pasties, discreet & secure


  • Medical adhesive
  • Tape secures your clothing to your body safely. It is skin friendly.
  • Great for heavy fabrics too.
  • Easy to cut to any size or shape required. 
  • Clear double sided self-adhesive tape.

Just use scissors to cut the tape to your desired length

Peel off one side and attach to clothing or tassels 

Peel off otherside and attach to dry and oil free skin

Lasts up to 8 hours

Can also be used with confidence for wigs too


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Burlesque Costume Tape

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