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1. How did you get into pole?

I wanted to try a different type of exercise so booked a lesson for me and a friend to give it go.


2. Why pole and not the gym?

I’ve been a member of gyms before and found it can get quite repetitive and dull. I find pole is just as good for keeping fit and building strength, but you also get such a sense of achievement learning new moves.


3. What’s your favourite pole move?

It’s more like a list really as I learn new moves and spins it gets bigger! At the moment it has to be the Russian layback.


4. When did you get into pole?



5. Sexy or fitness or both?



6. Least favourite pole move?

Probably the flag


7. What are your favourite pole spins?

Reverse grab and the pretzel I’ve just learnt

8.Who or what motivates you?

I find going to class weather teaching or training really helps motivate me when I’m in a group with others seeing them doing different moves or moves I know but in a slightly different way or style really inspires me.


9.Interests outside of pole?

I enjoy other sports, I do a little bit of yoga and rock climbing. I love the spending time with my friends and family.


Pole Passion Instructors are friendly, passionate, approachable and fully qualified to advanced teacher training standards and receive ongoing instructor training and support to keep class content fresh and safe.

Instructors are fully insured to teach pole fitness and first aid trained.

Call or text 07921 948 606 now to book your place. Beginners welcome to start at any time.

Learn to Pole Dance – Pole Dance Fitness Classes in Burgess Hill

Jenny Phillips - Apprentice Pole Fitness Instructor

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