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Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Classes

Our Covid -19 Policy has been updated and is detailed below:

Pole Passion

COVID-19 Policy

Updated 12th April 2021


The safety of our students and instructors is our priority.  

Below are the steps we are taking to keep you and/or your child safe when training with us:


  • Monitoring and following guidance from Government, regulators and industry bodies.

  • Maintaining an ongoing Risk Assessment.

  • Increasing cleaning of training spaces and equipment. All equipment will be cleaned and sanitised in accordance with industry guidelines before and after every class.

  • Changing our timetable to allow bigger gaps between classes.

  • Training our instructors and apprentices and providing them with cleaning products when required.

  • Minimising spotting wherever possible. This means that we will adapt teaching content to minimise spotting, will seek explicit consent each time before spotting, and will give extra verbal and visual tuition to assist self-spotting. Instructors will wear face coverings when spotting if safety allows.

  • Sanitising our hands between any necessary physical contact with students.

  • Teaching on separate equipment from all students and ensuring a maximum of two people use each piece of equipment in each class. Instructors will encourage students to form bubbles and work with the same people each class. Students will not move between different pieces of equipment.


We ask that you take the following steps, which are consistent with government advice:

  • Please adhere to all Government guidance regarding social distancing, travel and isolation.

  • Please do not come to class if you are unwell.

  • You must notify your instructor immediately if:


  • you test positive for COVID-19 or develop symptoms, or

  • you have had contact with someone who has tested positive or developed symptoms, and

  • you have attended a class in the last 14 days


  • Keep your hands clean. Wash regularly and thoroughly, for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. We request that you wash them immediately before taking part in a class and advise that you wash them after as well. 

  • Always carry tissues with you and use them to catch all coughs and sneezes and then bin the tissue - then wash your hands with soap and water, or use a sanitiser. Avoid touching your face with your hands.

  • Minimise the personal belongings you bring to class as much as possible. Keep them 2m away from other participants belongings.

  • Stay on your allocated equipment and do not use other equipment without explicit permission from the instructor.

  • Maintain a minimum distance of 2mtr from other participants in the class.

  • Do not pass objects to other students such as phones, bottles of grip or cloths.

  • Comply with any requirements specified by the venues we operate in.

  • Where possible attend the same class each week or form a bubble with another student and attend the same classes as them.

  • In line with government guidance, we request that you do not wear a mask or face covering in class, unless specifically instructed by a medical professional. This is because face coverings have been shown to not be safe during exercise. You may wear one on your way into and out of the venue if you wish, in which case we advise that you adhere to the government guidelines around using masks, for example by making sure you wash your hands before touching it. 



Government advice is available here.

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