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Pole Passion leaders in pole dance fitness since 2003

The register of qualified and certified pole fitness instructors by Pole Passion was set up in 2008 when the first qualifications were created in the UK. Pole Passion has a very unique and original membership scheme, focusing on the high standards we expect of our instructors. Once you have completed your comprehensive foundation course you will be awarded your unique membership number which is also shown on your certificate.
Example PPF 0123456

Each person will receive only one membership number that is unique to them

Once you have completed your foundation course, the first of many steps to become an accomplished and highly trained Pole fitness instructor, you will be added to the ever growing list of professional qualified instructors.

What does the number mean?
The number means you have been trained and subsequently assessed to exceptionally high training standard required in the UK and in Europe. These standards are set by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REP’s) accreditation system; the highest and most credible fitness and pole fitness awards you can achieve in the UK and Europe today.

The REPS’s system also allows you to take your qualification to South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and all of Europe

It protects the students too, as it prevents people from ‘passing off,’ as a qualified instructor or using false documentation to gain UK and European insurance and music licenses as all the membership numbers are kept on a central protected system and can be checked by Pole Passion at any time to confirm the validity of the member.
This membership number is unique to you and can only be quoted by you when referencing your qualifications

How can I check to see if a member is Pole Passion Certified or indeed certified at all?
Email us at

We can check the register indicating when an instructor passed and if indeed they did pass.
Also ask for the member to show you their certification – All members are proud of their hard earned achievements

Will my membership expire?
There is no time scale or expiry of the membership number
Currently the list is not made public but anyone can enquire as to see if a member claiming to be pole fitness qualified is a member or not, of the Pole Passion accreditation scheme. If they have been qualified to the exceptional high standards they will have a number – we will also be able to tell you when they completed their exams too.

Is there a cost to receive a membership number?
The costs are absorbed within the Pole Passion teacher training foundation course. So there are no additional costs to you. We are passionate about supporting the pole fitness and dance industry and keeping it safe for all students and instructors

Can I receive the membership number if I have trained under another training provider awarding the Rep’s points?
Yes, if you do subsequent teacher training courses with Pole Passion and you have done the foundation REP’s accredited courses with another training provider you will receive an international membership number upon completion of the advanced teacher training certification. You can then be added to the international membership number scheme.

What is the main benefit of receiving a membership number?
Insurance companies should ask you for this number – you will receive a discount and the credibility of being part of the largest international Pole Fitness training providers in the world


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