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Pole Competitions



World Pole Sport & Fitness Championship is a truly global competition and with World Pole Federation (WPF) are world leaders in high-quality Pole Fitness Instructor Training programs and National and International competitions.


The first World Pole Dance Championships was held in 2005 in Amsterdam, Holland. In 2009 Pole Passion hosted the World Pole Dance championships in Jamaica and aligned the competition to pole sport fitness, allowing individual choice of moves to encourage innovation in the industry and to show the individual and artistic flair of competitors.  


By doing this, the World Pole Dance Championships created a showcase to encourage pole fitness in as many countries as possible, with previous competitions in a diverse range of countries including Switzerland, UK, Romania, Hungary, and China. World Pole Dance is a strictly sport fitness championships, where other competitions have followed.


Our unique judging system is the only one to include impartial adjudicators on the judging team, as well as highly qualified and knowledgeable judges who have undergone our leading judge's training.


In 2018 World Pole Dance created the World Pole Federation, culminating in over a decade of knowledge and experience with over 38 countries, to create an umbrella organisation to promote instructor training and safe studios and instructors. The federation ensures members operate in a safe environment, with a high level of relevant knowledge and qualifications and adhering to our Code of Conduct and Code of Practice.

We continue to lead the way in the professionalisation of Pole Fitness all over the world.


World Pole Federation: Code of Conduct and Code of Practice help raise standards of practice and safer studios

World Pole Championships is owned and operated by Pole Passion Ltd.




A truly mesmerising and jaw-dropping spectacular, vertical dance show & performances from both men and women battling it out to be crowned the next UK's top award in the Pole dance and fitness industry, going on the represent the UK in the World Pole Dance Championships.

Come and witness the UK's finest performers live on stage as seen on 'Got to Dance' and 'Britain's Got Talent'

A must see for all dance enthusiasts

MPD UK was established in 2005. Mr Pole Fitness UK was first introduced in 2009. Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles was introduced in 2010 Miss Pole Dance UK is owned and operated by Pole Passion Ltd.

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