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Assessment & Exam Process - POLE FITNESS

Assessment and Exam process

You are continually assessed throughout your time with us – if we feel you are ‘struggling’ we will approach you at the end of each section (mid day and then at the end of the day) or feel free to chat with us at any time. There will be many opportunities too for you to ask questions or ask us to repeat things if you don’t understand

What are we assessing you on?
We are looking at your communication skills, visually, through body language and verbally, through your spoken communication in the group setting with others in the group and with the tutor. We are looking at your current level of technical ability on and off the pole and previous knowledge and experience that you bring to the course too – Naturally everyone’s experience varies enormously, that is why group settings are of huge benefit to share stories and experiences. We ask lots of questions so it’s important that you communicate throughout too.


We are assessing you on your currently levels of confidence, so we can see where we can support you and develop your skills in the time we have, so although this is a group setting we are supporting you all individually too.

If English is not your first language and you would like the course material in advance to pre read the booklets with the support of google translate then please do not hesitate to ask – There is an additional charge FOR US TO PRINT AND POST OUT THE MANUALS TO YOU access online is included in your courses.

We can also offer you two DVD’s with over 100 tricks spins transitions at foundation and intermediate level – this will give you a great understanding of the moves we will be covering on the foundation course and you will be able to familiarize yourself too with the names that we use – The DVD’s are £36 for two, lasting over 2 hours

We can post these out to you just send us a paypal payment to bookings

On the course we sometimes ask you to do specific tasks to see how you approach these and see how your leadership skills are, remembering we as tutors are there to support you to be the best you can be. Our philosophy is if you are not being challenged you will not be growing


During your assessment  you will be asked to verbally and visually teach and demonstrate 5 moves, tricks, spins or poses – these are chosen at random or computer generated (if you are sending in your video assessment).

You will be assessed on the correct hand grip, body alignment and linking in and out of your move correctly with balance and control. You will also be assessed on your spotting and health and safety techniques

You will also be assessed on the words you use to motivate your students, your communication skills with others, your spatial awareness, your clothing and hair and your teaching manner including your voice and tempo.

You will have a written test usually lasting 20 – 40 minutes with short answers required
Please don't  hesitate to email us if you have any questions

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