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100 CARDS including tricks, transitions, moves and poses!!


Pack A  is the first release - Further packs will be available in the near future 

Introducing the NEW Pole Passion Syllabus pole moves flashcards book, A fantastic training aid for instructors and a learning aid for students.
Each set contains 20 move cards from each level 1 - 5 neatly packed together in a large ring binder so you can chose, add or remove your favourite moves and bespoke your pack to suit your training level or teaching style.
Each pack comes in a handy pink bag too, keeping your cards clean and tidy between training sessions.
Pole Passion is proud to introduce the first pack in a series of learning/teaching cards. Each pack includes 100 moves cards in total - including grips, poses, transitions, spins and inverts SUITABLE for Students and instructors learning lor teaching Levels 1-5, beginner to advanced.

Each card has clear colour photo/s pre-requisite, suggested linking moves and suggested progression move - plus a handy space for your own notes and comments.


Syllabus Cards - Levels 1-5 Pack A

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