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Mega Grip Liquid Chalk for Pole Dance Performance and Sport Fitness


  • Liquid Chalk is a fluid that is applied to the hands (or feet) to reduce sweating and improve grip to enable you to concentrate on your training or competition for improved performance with less worry about losing grip.

    Does not harm or transfer to equipment, and unlike traditional powder, block or chalk ball methods for reducing sweat

    * Does not leave powdery mess that coats equipment and clothes
    * Blocks sweat and improves adhesion without being tacky.
    * Remains active in wet conditions.

    After use we recommend using soapy water to wash the product off, and we encourage the use of a moisturiser after use as the product dries the skin.

    Applications include Pole Dancing, Climbing, Golf, Gymnastics, Bowling etc

    For bulk orders or international orders please contact us for rates and shipping

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