Dry Hands is a performance enhancing grip that enhances grip and removes problems caused by perspiration.
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  • Dry Hands – The ULTIMATE Grip Control for ALL Sports

    The advantage to Dry Hands is that it is not sticky or greasy and since it leaves no powdery residue, you won’t even realise you have it on. Best of all, it’s long lasting and economical so you can concentrate on your pole workout or performance.

    Dry Hands is used by anyone who is adversely affected by sweaty hands from perspiration or humid conditions making Dry Hands the ideal grip aid for pole.

    Perfect for pole dancers and pole fitness.  Dry Hands actually repels water.

    To demonstrate the true effect of Dry Hands… simply shake contents, then apply a small amount into the palm (about a 5p piece size) and spread evenly to both hands. Allow to air dry for approximately 15 seconds (blowing on hands will accelerate the drying process).

    For the best results, once evenly applied, do not continue to rub. A white powder may appear, it can be removed, yet the effectiveness of Dry hands will remain.

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