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Rhiannon Parton - Qualified Pole Fitness Instructor

1. How did you get into pole?

I was always the girl in school who hated P.E and I was never particularly good at sport, especially competitive team sports! Not to say I don’t like team work I was just always afraid of getting hit by the ball and couldn’t be doing with all the rules ;) ! As I got older though I decided I wanted to do something to build my confidence and increase my general fitness (as much as I love a lazy day!) so a friend and I decided to go to our first pole class. I was hooked! The environment was so friendly, positive and non-judgmental. Everyone worked at their own pace and you were never the newbie for long! Unfortunately my friend left because of uni, but for once in my life I felt motivated and comfortable enough to carry on going and never looked back!


2.Why pole and not the gym?

I love that each lesson with pole you can feel that you’ve achieved something. Whether you’ve got a little bit more into that stretch, perfected a move, made a bit of a routine or even just used the lesson to unwind and see some friends I always go home with a smile – everyone’s just so friendly and fun.

3. What’s your favourite move?

I really love cross knee release! In my early days of pole looking up moves on Pinterest that was my ultimate goal! I never bought I’d get there! Which goes to show how much my strength, confidence and motivation has improved. At first you don’t realise it but it doesn’t take long! This is coming from someone who progresses slowly and who couldn’t remotely hold their own weight of the floor to begin with let alone invert! Keep going!


4. When did you get into pole?

I started pole in November 2013. A long time ago and I’m still progressing slowly. Unfortunately Burgess Hill had no teacher for a while so I missed a few sessions there and I have not always been completely consistent due to university commitments. Yet I’ve always come back and thank goodness Burgess Hill sessions are now buzzing!


5. Sexy or fitness or both?

I started pole for the fitness aspect and to learn tricks and poses. I’m beginning to love putting these together and make mini routines so maybe we could try the sexy side yet! ;)


6. Least favourite move?

I can’t even say! Even the ones I used to hate because I might have struggled to get them I now love!


7. What are your favourite spins?

I love a good side spin! I just love the momentum you can get on it and think once you get over the initial fear of – oh my gosh i feel like I’m going to hit the floor – it’s a relatively simple spin that looks quite complicated and impressive!


8. Favourite Celebrity and why?

I’ll be honest, I don’t really know many celebrities, I’ve never been much of a celebrity follower or a TV person! I find lots of other people, usually with much less of a celeb status or closer to home inspiring.


9. Who or what motivates you?

I am motivated by my pole pals and my recognition of how far I have come and my desire not to lose that! Once you start pole, in only a matter of weeks, it’s not hard to keep going! It’s a little addictive for me I think, but in a good way! My family and my partner are also positive about it!


10. Interests outside of pole

I love to travel and visit new places including within the UK. A good book, history, taking pictures and spending time with my partner, family and friends.


Pole Passion Instructors are friendly, passionate, approachable and fully qualified to advanced teacher training standards and receive ongoing instructor training and support to keep class content fresh and safe.

Instructors are fully insured to teach pole fitness and first aid trained.

Call or text 07921 948 606 now to book your place. Beginners welcome to start at any time.

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