Georgia Raffan - Advanced Pole Fitness Instructor

Learn to Pole Dance – Pole Dance Fitness Classes in Haywards Heath

1.How did you get into pole?
I Started Pole Fitness with Pole Passion in October 2013; I was feeling pretty self concious and unfit after having my first baby and wanted to do something different and out of my comfort zone. Pole gave me a lot of confidence and improved my fitness. I’ve been hooked ever since!

2.Why pole and not the gym?
I like going to the gym but would always pick pole over it as I find Pole more varied and exiting!

3.What’s your favourite pole move?

4.When did you get into pole?
October 2013

5.Sexy or fitness or both?

6.Least favourite pole move?
Teddy.What are your favourite pole spins?I Love lots of spins and spin combinations! My spin of the moment is reverse grab :)

7.Who is your favourite celebrity and why?
I don’t really follow celebs but I do like Pink! her acrobatic performance stuff is pretty awesome

8.Who or what motivates you?
I’m Motivated by my instructors and by that amazing feeling of nailing a nemesis move!I’m also motivated by my other half and my kids :)

9.Interests outside of pole?
I’m interested in hoop, acrobatics and other types of Arial fitness as well and intend on giving them a try at some point! also love anything arty!

10.Any other comments or points of interest?
I’m a mum of two looking to bring Pole Fitness to the Haywards Heath/Lindfield area with Pole Passion!.


Pole Passion Instructors are friendly, passionate, approachable and fully qualified to advanced teacher training standards and receive ongoing instructor training and support to keep class content fresh and safe.

Instructors are fully insured to teach pole fitness and first aid trained.

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