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Our Foundation Pole Fitness Instructor Course is split into theory and practical modules which covers all the fundamentals of becoming an accomplished and highly skilled pole fitness instructor. The beginner to intermediate moves are covered in this course giving you easily 6-12 months worth of foundation content, as well as the essential business knowledge required for setting up a pole fitness group class or 121's. Start your instructing career the right way with a certification that gives you all the essential knowledge and skills to be a safe, creative and effective instructor.


The course aim is to provide new and existing instructors with the knowledge and skills to safely and accurately teach mixed ability beginner to intermediate pole fitness classes in a group and 1-2-1 setting whilst supporting participants to explore different styles of pole fitness and develop their own unique teaching style.


Theory section


Easy to follow, step by step modules, online learning, that covers essential knowledge for teaching at beginner to intermediate level. This includes set-up aspects such as choosing a venue, choosing the right equipment and recruiting and maintaining your clients. In addition, the course provides you with the knowledge and skills required for running regular, safe and effective lessons, including information on risk assessments, client screening, lesson planning, motivating clients, class control, choreography, licence set up support and insurance. 


Practical section


You will be given immediate access, via an email link, to follow all the online videos and explanations of beginner and intermediate level tricks and moves, including grips, transitions, transition combinations, poses and spins. Each move is broken down to allow you to teach safely and effectively. Example warm up and cool down routines are also included.


Course format


  • Online theory and practical learning

  • Online theory assessment

  • Practical assessment consisting of a mock lesson teaching 5 of the moves covered in the course. The moves are allocated to each student at random. The practical exam is completed by video assessment, which is sent to us by email or submitted via video/Vimeo/Youtube/Dropbox link. The practical exam can also be completed in person by attending the assessment exam portion of one of our scheduled training dates. Please click here for dates. 

  • POLE PASSION certification is only awarded upon successful completion of each course component and reaching the required standards during the theory and practical assessment. 


Objectives & Outcome

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand pole fitness terminology

  • Outline appropriate venue checks and the contents of a hazard risk assessment

  • Outline appropriate client checks and the contents of a PARQ

  • Understand the pole equipment available and explain the checks required to ensure it is used safely

  • Understand and teach the fundamentals and principals of Pole Passion pole fitness, including core stability, correct body posture, breathing, pole transitions, pole poses, pole tricks, pole spins, warm ups, cool down and stretches specific to pole

  • Demonstrate an ability to teach effectively and communicate using visual, verbal & kinesthetic techniques specific to pole

  • Apply variations to increase or decrease exercise and flexibility intensity

  • Produce a four-week plan for Pole Passion Fitness lessons at beginner and intermediate level, demonstrating an understanding of the principles of pole fitness and showing appropriate progressions and adaptations

  • Explain how to identify any specific client learning needs and how best to support their learning style

  • Explain how to deal with class distractions and how to motivate yourself and clients

  • Understand the business requirements for running a pole fitness class


Pre-requisites for this course

  • Ideally one year pole fitness, fitness or dance experience
    Below are advisory for REP's qualification but not essential for certification

  • Exercise to Music level 2 or equivalent

  • Anatomy and physiology knowledge

  • Customer service experience

  • First aid certification 

Enquiries and Booking: You can book directly from our shop page for courses. Questions can be text or WhatsApp 07921 948606 or email via our enquiry form. All bookings will be confirmed by email. Please note online courses are non-refundable.

Certification and Qualification: Awarded upon successful completion of each course component and a written and practical exam.

Progression Route: Advanced Course in Pole Teacher Training


Cost: Online Foundation Course just £220.00 includes an online exam.
Options available for in-person face to face assessment / exam. See below.


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Options for in-person assessment (exam)


Our online courses are complete in that you take assessments and final exam online. This is all included in the price of the course. However, everyone learns in different ways and sometimes you may prefer to communicate to a highly skilled and experienced instructor and tutor, so we offer the option for your assessment exam in person and have face to face tuition.



Option 1 - £60.00 

One-hour Skype session with an advanced instructor assessor. ** Buy this option **

Covering practical coaching on exam moves and teaching points associated with those moves. You can also use this method for the exam itself. But you must allow a full one hour for the exam, so if you need help with moves or teaching points explained, you must book another one-hour session for the exam itself.

Please note: You will need to make sure the camera captures the studio clearly and the sound is suitable. Once the exam is started, you cannot pause or stop for a break or request an extension.


Option 2 - £75.00

One-hour in-person session with an advanced instructor assessor.  ** Buy this option **

Covering practical coaching on exam moves and teaching points associated with those moves. You can also use this method for the exam itself. But you must allow a full one hour for the exam, so if you need help with moves or teaching points explained, you must book an additional one-hour session for the exam itself.



Please note: You must attend one of our training venues for this option with a student to teach or spot if taking the advanced course.


In-person training and assessments are available throughout the year.

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