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Elise Watson - Apprentice Pole Fitness Instructor

Learn to Pole Dance – Pole Dance Fitness Classes Brighton

1- How did you get into pole?

My best friend introduced me to it and I've been hooked ever since 

2- What’s your favourite move?

Currently Allegra, but I love any moves that involve flexibility! 

3- When did you get into pole?

I first got into pole when I was at university about five years ago - but I've only been training regularly for the past two years

4- Sexy or fitness or both?

Definitely fitness! 

5- Least favourite move?


6- What are your favourite spins?

Any reverse grab variation and Front Hook into Back Hook 

7- Favourite celebrity and why?

 Ronda Rousey - she's badass
8- Who or what motivates you?

I'm motivated by progress - seeing the people around me achieve and support each other in those achievemen

9- Interests outside of pole

I train in Mauy Thai and MMA regularly and I'm definitely a bookworm!

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